We have a soft spot for soft spots: carpet & area rugs

We all have hard days from time to time, and sometimes the stress of the day wants to come home with us. On days like that, there are few things more soothing than to scrunch your toes into a nice soft carpet and let the stress soak into the floor. For times like that, along with all other times, it is nice to have a soft surface underfoot.

Types abound

There are as many types of carpet as there are places to eat around our neck of the woods. We have Berbers, which is a loop-pile residential product. We also offer patterned Berbers, adding a classy look to any floor. Our traditional plushes and friezes, similar to plushes, have tufts with a much more tightly twist. This added twist adds more texture to the appearance and helps the carpet hold up better in high traffic areas.

As to colors, there are traditional shades of beige, designed to blend with just about any colors you might already have in your living space. If you are looking to make a bolder statement, there are brighter colors and darker colors. Today, many of the fibers available offer fade-resistant due to the sun and staining due to spills or dirt.

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Area rugs

For rooms where you already have hardwood, tile, or another hard surface, but would like to create a cushiony island, we carry a wide variety of area rugs from which to choose. Or, if you find a piece of carpet in our selection with which you fall in love, we can cut a piece to size and bind that as an area rug just for you. If you would like to get creative, you can choose a base color and then add another color as a border or a stripe inlaid in your carpet.

Padding and installation

A high-quality pad not only gives softness to your new flooring, but it also adds a level of insulation from the cold floor below and helps the carpet wear slowly. Also, a proper installation makes all the difference in the world. Our installers bring years of experience to the job site with them and will give you not only the best fit and finish to the installation possible, but they will install it in such a way that your new floor will perform its best.

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