Sustainable flooring in the spirit of Welkinweir: Hardwood flooring

We are grateful for our neighbors at the Welkinweir for their emphasis on green energy and renewable resources. For those who would like to capture the spirit embodied by the arboretum there, we suggest that you consider hardwood flooring. Not only are trees a renewable resource, but most of the hardwoods we offer are harvested by select-cutting rather than through clear-cutting forests. This practice provides ample material while also strengthening our forests' overall health and preserving the natural habitat for the wildlife there. It also provides you with an enduring floor that is both beautiful and rugged - one which will last for many years and even generations to come.

Both local and exotic woods

Traditionally, wood from local forests is used for flooring and other building materials. It has become possible to ship worldwide in today's world, which provides you with many hardwood flooring options. Thus, there are local woods like oak, maple, pine, hickory, and walnut. There are also more exotic woods like Brazilian cherry, acacia, and kupay.

Other options that are becoming very popular are bamboo and cork. Bamboo forms a nearly indestructible and tough flooring system. Given that bamboo comes from a plant that will regrow very quickly, it is highly renewable. Likewise, cork is manufactured by stripping the bark off of a tree (which then regrows) and provides an excellent renewable resource. It also has the added benefit of providing a softer surface in your living space.

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Engineered flooring

Another option is that of engineered hardwood. This product consists of a layer of hardwood mounted on a plywood base. This layer protects the wood on the surface from moisture present in a basement and allows the wood to be installed as a floating floor. They capture the look and feel of a traditional wood floor and will enable the floor to be installed in areas where solid wood floors are not designed to go.

At Rich Ranieri Inc., we are your source for hardwood in eastern Pennsylvania. Whether you live around the corner from us or in one of the surrounding areas like Pottstown, PA, West Chester, PA, Langhorne, PA, Birdsboro, PA, Boyertown, PA, Glenmoore, PA, Malvern, PA, Wayne, PA, King of Prussia, PA, or Norristown, PA, we can serve your needs. Give us a call or stop by our showroom; one of our knowledgeable sales associates will be happy to walk you through all of your renewable hardwood flooring options.